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There are no obstacles, only different types of spring boards. If you can’t swim, walk on water.

Sonic warps my perspective on things.
At least one character outline says that despite the fact he can’t swim, he loves the oceans more than anything in nature. I just love the notion he would gladly trade his safety for the thrill of being there; that he would view his ”handicap” as nothing but another challenge, maybe even consider the risk part of the beauty of it.

And here, he’s with friends; if he lost speed, they’d hold him up. I picked the South Island crew because another thing that inspires me about Sonic is his loyalty to his friends. These guys were the first bunch of them, and we don’t really see them anymore. But the aforementioned outlines also say he keeps coming back to South Island, making it the closest thing he has to a home - which means he goes back to see his first friends, no matter how many he gains around the world.

Clockwise: Cucky, Ricky, Sonic, Pocky, Rocky, Pecky, Picky and Flicky © Sega
Art © me
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My drawings of Knuckles and Mighty together. Newest at the top.
characters (c) Sega; artwork by me
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My drawings of Sonic and Shadow together go here. Newest at the top.

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Drawings of Sonic and Mario together. Latest additions at the top.
Characters (c) Sega and Nintendo; artwork by me.

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Images related to Sonic Underground in some way go here.
Characters (c) Sega, artwork by me.
Not many yet, but will come more. Some are of characters from SatAM or the games, tweaked to fit the SoUnd cartoon.

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My own images of my own Sonic fan characters can be found here, when they're simply portraits /reference.

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Sonic related sketches /doodles.

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Hoo boy, here we go. Let's see if I get this right. Bear with me.
(I can't seem to find a function for placing images under a cut; is there such a thing?)
EDIT: using cuts until I can figure out how to make images appear smaller. /EDIT

So I was thinking I'd make themed entries like this, and when there's something to add, I'll add it + notify of update. To make for less individual entries, and so people can track just one entry if that theme is interesting.
Characters (C) Sega; artwork /design tweaks by me.

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