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My drawings of Sonic and Shadow together go here. Newest at the top.

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I’m so ridiculously tired, I keep missing steps as I scale the narrow stairs to the roof. For days now, I’ve been walking through a thickening fog. Doubts are eating away at me like acid, at the focus needed to maintain the necessary poker games and cold wars. My own intentions and ideals are picked apart like mud in a river of deals and debts.

I told him something about updating information on locations, or using his connections. I don’t remember, and he knows too damn well what I really need. I know he’ll call me out on that when he shows up, and I won’t argue. It’s all I deserve for never being honest.

He genuinely believes I’m wasting my time. From his point of view, the difference I can make isn’t worth the sacrifices. His mind will probably never change on that. So this should be a waste of his time, as well. Still, when the heavy door falls shut behind me, he’s already standing there.

He walks up, dark eyes searching me. No questions, he just runs his hand up my chest, and I can feel myself pull a deeper breath. I put a hand on his back, he leans in and traces my mouth with his own, and the fog is clearing. Kissing me slowly, he follows as I drag him with me, backing up to the door again. Wherever he touches me, I return to myself.

He won’t stay, but I wouldn’t ask for that. This is enough. My borders are solid again.

Sonic, Shadow (c) Sega
artwork by me

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